Teamwork is essential to getting things done. In today’s global and digital 24/7 world, challenges are more complex; it’s becoming increasingly important to bring more, dive...

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Innovate Value Creation

You don’t have innovation if your new ideas aren’t creating value. Organizations must implement ideas and programs identified as most effective in delivering value to s...

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CyberSoft Healthcare, LLC was founded by Dr. Harold Arkoff, an Anesthesiologist with a passion for delivering the highest quality of care and always advocating for his patients.

Dr. Arkoff has demonstrated this commitment for excellence throughout his medical career. He brings that same passion for excellence in the formation of CyberSoft Healthcare and the creation of ORMS TeamBuilder™ & OneSource™ – a revolution in the management of operating rooms.

Dr. Arkoff has created a powerful team of individuals who share the same vision and passion for excellence.

CyberSoft Healthcare’s goal is to provide a cost-effective alternative that will revolutionize how operating rooms throughout the world will be managed. Our flagship product, OneSource™, provides a unique solution to meet the diverse and rapidly changing challenges of managing operating rooms of the 21st century like no other company.

What differentiates CyberSoft Healthcare from the competition is our collective experience working in the operating room. With nearly 100 years of providing patient care, we have transformed that experience into OneSource™, which allows you to “Do more with the right tools…OneSource helps you do it better.”


03Mar 14

HIMSS14: CyberSoft Healthcare Revolutionizes Health IT Operating Room Management

CyberSoft Healthcare revolutionizes health IT operating room management with the release of its flagship product, [...]

18Dec 13

ORMS TeamBuilder Wins Major Award

Dr. Harold Arkoff was awarded a "Special Award" by the New York State Society of Anesthesiologists at their annual convention in recognition of his revolutionary operating [...]


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